samedi 18 novembre 2017

Pastel pink flowers!

This color can't disappoint anyone ! I just love this! 

Winter style!

It's winter time and I couldn't be happier! I finally can wear gloves, boots, warm knitwear, hats etc and of course during can eat as much as you want (like i do whatever the season is)!
So here is one of my first winter outfit :

Pullover from MissSelfridge, here.
Jean from MissSelfridge, here (from Asos).
Shoes from Asos, here.
Bag from Asos (here).
Chocker from Happiness boutique, here.

These shoes!!! <3



YOU create it! Don't forget!

Leo prints or cosy-chic decor?

Leopard prints and a mirror table are everything? How cute is this living room?

And what about this one? More "exotic" and modern but very cosy-chic in my opinion! 
What do you think?