dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Simply beautiful!

Have a nice weekend

Catwoman...no Cat's eyes!

This is a new post, for a new makeup, and a new style! I still haven't worked on the video that I filmed for this look but I promise that I'll do it very very soon! It's been a moment since I this very inspiring makeup on instagram and that I wanted to try it on myself!!! The inspiration is from carissecontagious instagram (here) and here is the look that made me feel like "waouuuuw I need to try this!" :

As you can tell it's very very very different from what I'm used to! But i love how clean she made her makeup, especially the eyes!I really wanted to try this makeup with the same colors but I realized I only had soft or nude colors and this made me feel like I'm really stuck into "basic and everyday makeup" which is...not so funny lol So yes, I love people who are not afraid to test new things, new styles, who do not fear to be original, colorful (I LOVE colors but if I let myself go...I could go far far away loool) it's always with those people that I find a good makeup inspiration and improve my makeup skills. So even if I was a bit disappointed not to have the same colorful shadows i told myself I'll try this with my usual colors. And...tada! Here is the final look:

Yes I seeeee you with those cat's eyes! Do you like this makeup? Do you think I made a good job? Is it looking like a "nude" version of carissecontagious original makeup? LET ME KNOW lol I need to know your thoughts! Honestly I felt like catwoman with those eyes lool (#crazygirl) but a calm version of catwoman of course!
I'll share very soon the tutorial with you guys and I hope that you enjoy! 

That's what I need right now!

My purple crush - couch!

It's late but I won't go to bed until I share with you this amazing home inspiration! I know that this decor is very feminine, not an ordinary home decoration at least this is what I would go for if I was an artist lol (ah ah).
The original touch of this decor is also coming from the way they adjust pictures on the wall then a vase and again a nice painting or picture with an other vase. It's a pretty way to divert attention from the library full of books.

I'm personaly fan of this purple individual sofa and of course I love the pink one! If I had to remove something it would definitly be the light white/grey rug...or the table (yes I'm not crazy about glass tables!). So here are my favorite pieces of this gorgeous home decor ! I hope you'll like it!

So I found a nice pink sofa from Loaf (here) and I think that the design is even better than what I expected! Pastel colors in general and pink bring a soft atmosphere to a living room:

But I also found a cheaper version and to be hinest the design is as stylish and chic as the first one (here):

I tried to find a purple similar couch but to be honest what I found is not satisfying me at all! The only one that could match for me is this one from LaRedoute (here):

These are definitely what I would buy if I wanted a soft room at home. I think purple is matching very nicely with pink pastel tones and it's bringing a bit more energy and dynamism.
Let me know if you would go for this kind of decor? Is it too girly? How would you feel if you had to live in this kind of room? (ah ah I need to know your feelings because I'm such a psycho lol).