jeudi 3 novembre 2016

Halloween: Instagram Best Looks!

Monday was that day! 
The day when everybody on Instagram get crazy and post fun (or not) halloween costumes! WAW!!! 
I wish I could frighten myself a bit more ofently than just once a year for halloween...but seriously I live in France and first it's not a traditional celebration and it's not seen as "normal" to like to scare yourself ah ah! 
Considering this...I had to find other ways to scare myself like going to "Le Manoir de Paris" (here) sometimes and omg you need to go there if you want to get a moment of fun, scare and adrenaline! 

Anyway, I absolutly needed to share with you my halloween makeup crushes ofsome of my favorite bloggers:

From Left to right: SincerelyJules, Novalanalove and the super sweet simply_kenna!

Yes these girls are and have very different styles but they all speak to a part of me, at least they correpond perfectly to my different fashion moods. I really love how they created the "same" look in different ways and how it's showing their personalities. If I was celebrating halloween I would not immediatly think about a "skull" face/makeup but I think these girls rocked this look!

I also found an other makeup that I would much more consider if I needed to pick a costume/makeup for halloween. One of my favorite look is from Jetsetjustine (that I found incredibly beautiful whatever her hairstyle is!aawhhh). She made the lion/cat look perfect and super sweet :

What do you think? her blog is here:

The last halloween costumes that I'm going to show you are my very very very first crushes!!!
I mean these looks are just too perfect and seem not to be inspired but to be the true caracters.
Let me know what you think about this version of Jasmine and this version of Lavender (?) from the movie Matilda:

OMG: Perfect Jasmine right? her insta here.

Ah ah! So cute! and remembering me a good movie from my childhood, her insta is here.

Let me know what you think about this selection! I really had a big crush on these looks...but I would like to see other styles ;)
See you xoxo

lundi 31 octobre 2016

Double braid: African and fish braids!

I's a shame I was supposed to post regularly but I'm really taken with my project and since I really want things to work I tend to focus on it...and delete a bit too much my blog! ahhh! I think that instead of posting everyday as I wanted, I'll post at least once per week! I'm trying to find my rythm and it's not that easy! 
But anyway...what I wanted to show you today is a new hairstyle that I've done this week-end! I wanted to make a basic braid-bun combinaison like inspired by this hairstyle from Olivia Rink:

Source: The beautiful Olivia Rink, here

But...Since I never do what I say (or never say what I do hun?) I decided to change my mind and to recreate something different than a simple bun. I wanted to bring a more complex hairstyle with fishbraids, so I thought it could be cute if I added thinner fishbraids in the middle of my african braids in order to create a messy-classy braid look and to break the "little girl" hairstyle.
Here is the result:

I tried to hide as much as possible bobbypins in the hair.
Let me know what you think!
Mouah <3

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Makeup Crush: Rachel Renae, babe!

I'm back! and determined to introduce you my instagram Makeup crush! 
I have not been able to post my crushes on the blog and since I'm starting to work on my future firm I do not really take the time to make selfies about my outfits... rrrhh! Instead, I think it could be nice if I start to publish all my crush about fashion, makeup, hair and home design!

The makeup crush that I choose for this very new post is Rachel Renae! I follow her on instagram (her account is beautybyrachelrenae) and I have to say that I'm in love with all her makeup styles (her style too!) and mostly with her short hairdo (that I'll keep for later...ah)! I really like sophisticated makeup but I have to say that few women know how to keep it heavy/sophisticated AND elegant! When you tend to wear a lot of makeup it's hard not go for the cakey - "too much"look...and Rachel's know how to keep it fashion, with a modern twist: light smoky eyes, red/pink lips and many other classic looks with a touch of freshness!

Here are some of her looks, that I'm crazy about <3

Let me know what you think about her style? 
Her instagram > beautybyrachelrenae

mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Summer for one day!

I don't know what's happening in France but the sun do not want to leave since few weeks! So yes, I had no jacket today and felt like I should wear as a vacationer ;)
So my options were a turquoise/green top and a white jean...with my new blond hairrrrr (I love white clothes by the way ^^).
Here is the look:

Top: Papaya clothing, old one.
Jean: Zara, similar here.
Shoes: River Island, old one.

And, yes, I had to show you this braid who's hiding the hair misery ! ahhhh! I still feel like my hair is too light even if I start to appreciate it...I want to go darker everytime I see long brown hair on instagram :-0 (ah poor me!)

Aztec style!

Yesterday, yesterday...I did not post on the blog! ahhhh! I know, I'll try to post more and if possible every day! So, yesterday's style was all about Aztec, black and...glasses! 
Yes, I finally have new glasses and I'm able to see again lol I'm not that blind but I'm nearsighted and it's not funny when you don't recognise people you know just because you do not wear your glasses. And since I'm always on my computer it's really helping me not to end up the day with red tired eyes! Since I normaly have to wear my glasses very ofently (all the time) I choosed to invest a little more this time and get stylish/designed frames. 
The everyday glasses I found are from Dior and are nicely designed for my oblong/heart face shape, looking like cat woman glasses ah ah! My sunglasses are also boho-chic as I love and are from Dolce & Gabbana. I think they match well my face shape which is one of the most important thing to look at when you chosses your glasses.

For my outfit of the day, I kept it simple and boho-chic with an black outffit: jean and top! My shoes are black loafers too from Primark. I added the color with an original aztec jacket I get in a Belgian store of Mouscron called Coup de Coeur. They only have a Facebook for the moment but the online shop will come soon.To be honnest I never thought I would enter this kind of shop since I don't know why but I thought it was looking cheap from the outside but when I came in I was very surprised by the quality of some stuff! Everything was not appealing but some clothes were really nice and so fashion! I think I'll get a look in this shop more than I thought ;) 
Anyway, what I liked about this jacket is that it's looking stylish, colored (mustard) with a color I never wear with lovely prints and I loved the shape of the jacket which made me think of classic vest. Enough talk, here is yesterday's outfit:

Glasses: Dolce&gabbana, similar here but these are more stylish here.
Jacket: Coup 2 Coeur, here.
Jean: Stradivarius, similar here.
Shoes: Primark, similar here.

And I thought it could be cool to show you my makeup of the day!

Eyebrows: Not filled :) 

Eye shadow: Sleek Makeup Palette (A new day 430), brown ,orange, cream shadows on the eyes and yellow tone for my waterline.

Mascara: Volumissime L'Oréal Paris - Etra volume.

Eyeliner: Cinema & Tv -Make up Studio, Lasting drama.

Foundation: A little bit of Dream Velvet from Gemey Maybelline  (48 Sun Beige).

Concealer: 20 Nude Beige Nu - Gemey Maybelline.

Lips: My little beauty - Summer lips SPF15.

My sweet work glasses and boho sunglasses <3 <3 <3 !!!

lundi 5 septembre 2016

Noir c'est noir...

Black is black...and since I started to work from home I did not wanted to wear that much today ^^ I needed a comfortable and simple look so I pick a black t-shirt and a black slim  with my Reebok sneakers.  Also I took the time this weekend to try a very nice henna tatoo that I found on Fanny Lyckman's instagram. As you might know I just started to make henna tatoo's since few month and I still need a model to get a beautiful drawing on hands. Let me know what you think about my tatoo, I changed few things if you look close at the original one.

Oh! and yes, I do not wear glasses at home lol but I thought It was really nice with the rest of the outfit :). 

And here is the beautiful henna tatoo that I saw on Fanny Lyckman instagram:

Glasses: Random shop in Lille, similar here.
Top: H&M, similar here.
Jean: Stradivarius, similar here.
Necklace: Aliexpress, similar here.

dimanche 4 septembre 2016

The Thursday I turned blond!

On thursday I made a big change about my look! I mean my hair!
I decided that i wanted to get a change and that my face needed a bit of highlights around my hollow cheeks! Before changing my hair color I was hesitating about what I was supposed to do with this mass of hair: get new highlights or let it grow to get my natural color back? I have to admit that I spent a lot of time on pinterest and all the beautiful bronde balayge pictures that I saw made me feel like I needed this...big mistake lool Never go on pinterest if you need a hair transformation lol Anyway, my hairdresser made me a beautiful brown base with a honey/caramel ombré hair that I love. But to be honest I washed my hair the second day to see the result on curly hair and I did not like it! I knwo I'm weird lol BUT I also know that I let my hair curly 98% of the time, so I just can't keep something that I love but who can't match with my huge love (curls) and fit my natural god given beauty: curly hair.
So in order not to kill my hair immediatly I think that I will keep it like this for a little time...and since I wanted to get fake dreadlocks for october (my own gift for my birthday eh eh) this won't be a big problem! Anyway, here is an outfit who's perfect for blond or brunette:

Top: Papaya clothing, similar here.
Skirt: Sheinside, here.
Bracelet: Primark, similar here.

Grey's futilities!

An other cool and stylish outfit that I wore last week was a beautiful jumpsuit that I found on Sheinside! (Yes, I think that I started an addiction to ... but I don't feel sorry or guilty ah ah!). Anyway, I did not find a lot of cool, stylish and not too expensive jumpsuit until I came on this beautiful litght grey combo for 21$! 
To be honest the quality really surprised me for this price...and yes for a sheinside outfit lol Let's be honnest we all know that this website is more popular for his low quality and low prices! Well, sometimes you can be happily surprised and find out that finally the quality is not so low comparing to other online shops like Pull and Bear, Stradivarius or H&M (who's quality is getting down years after years)! This would be perfect if everything was nice about this jumpsuit...but no! I said it I bought it on Sheinside so there's always a little deception: The size! Of course! The style: check, the quality: check, the price; check, the size: ahhhhh!!! no! hell, no! Unfortunatly this is a unique size so my little 6 (us size) is not fitting correctly the combo. Even if the combo is not perfectly fitted I think that it's giving me a cool-casual 
Let me know:

Jumpsuit: Sheinside, here.
Sneakers: New Balance, here.

OTD for a Simple Day

Coming back from holidays means back to work! So as I was still a very warm weather I kept it cool and stylish with a simple blouse from Sheinside and a black jean. I try not to be too much when I have to wear for work...I mean, it's just work not a fashion show lol. Here is the final look:

Top: Sheinside, here.
Jean: Random, similar here.
Shoes: New Balance, here.
Ring: Old one from Primark.

samedi 3 septembre 2016


One of my favorite color to wear is and will always be a soft pink!
I could wear like this all-the-time...but I would be very weird lol So here is a look that I also wore as I was back in France:

Top: Promod, similar here.
Necklace: Primark.
Bracelets: Primark.
Pants: Sheinside, here.
Shoes; Asos, here.


Again and again, I mostly wore all the outfit of my Sheinside command! 
Here is a top that I absolutly fall for when I saw it: It's a simple t-shirt (I rarely wear this to be honest) with beautiful purple, red, pink and orange flowers. The combo of colors might seem a bit too much but it's looking really soft and I have to say that the quality is better than a t-shirt that I bought on Ivyrevel :( (Bouh!But I still love Kenza anyway! #kenzateam4life I will probably post about my shopping exprience on Anyway, here is the final look:

Top: Sheinside, here.
Jean:, similar here.
Shoes: Missguided, similar here.

vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Perfect Black Dress! 
Back from the holidays I had the chance to be welcomed by my huge package from! I waited for it during 2 weeks and bought 10 items of these last trends for a very afordable price. I did not made a special post because I really, really wanted to wear my brandnew clothes! <3 <3 ah ah!
But if you follow me carefully you'll see me with a Sheinside piece almost all the time lol  What I like about this dress is how comfy and stylish it is! You can wear it with a casual style as I did, adding, hippie/summer colored bracelets and snearkers or for a night out with black or heels of colors to make it more fashion and break the classic design.
So here is the look:

Dress: Sheinside, here.
Necklace: Nike run (for women).
Bracelets: Suite blanco, here.

Back from Ibiza OOTD

Hey... So since I'm a bit late about my ootd posts I'm going to share with you the oufit that I wore when I was back from holidays! Also it's been 8 days that I'm back I already lost my tan especially on the face :( and for the rest of my body I shed like a snake...oups! Anyway, here's the outfit I came back with:

Top: Primark, similar here.
Skirt: Missguided, here.
Shoes: Newbalance, here.
Necklace: Got it at Paris Nike Run.
Bracelets: Suite Blanco, similar here
Nail lacquer: Essie, here.