samedi 27 février 2016

Outfit of the Day! - Tenue du Jour!

It's the WEEKEND! Finally! So I had the time to take a picture of my outfit of the day!
I made my first and huge order on Sheinside the past month. When I received the clothes I first thought that I would send back half of my order...but I finally kept everything :) :) :) 
So I wore my Sheinside top with a Nelly jean and my casual Reebok baskets...of course I added my brand new jewellery. I received yesterday some rings that I bought on asos during the week.
For the weekend I kinda like to keep it more sophisticated (I don't feel like it's needed for work during the week) but sometimes I'm playing it casual/cool.Enough talking, here it is:

Rings: From Asos (Aldo) and here
Scarf: H&M (old collection)
Nail Polish: Kiko Nail Lacquer 526 Mint, here
Necklace: Made by me :)
Top: Sheinside
Jean: (old collection), similar here
Shoes: Reebok

Here is a closer look at my asos rings:

 Rings: From Asos (Aldo) and here

mardi 23 février 2016

OMG: My Jewellery Crush of the month... Oh Mon Dieu: Mes crush bijoux du mois...

Yes, I love jewellery and espacially earrings!I think it's always the best jewellery option to purchase when you want to adapt your style or give yourself a modern look. It's a good way to flatter the shape of your face and bring instantly a very feminin style! I personnaly hate going out without earring t's like...I'm not wearing my whole outfit, don't know why lol 
Anyway, my crush of the month goes to...ASOS jewellery! They always have "la crème de la crème" when it comes to accessories. Here are the earrings that I bought: 

Asos - Find similar style here...

and here :)

As you can see these earrings could be hard to wear at work or in my "everyday life", so I choose a second pair of earrings on Sheinside ! These earrings are hard to wear but I'm completly feeling the oriental style ah ah! Let's see:

Find them here ;)

For the very very very last jewellery crush...I admit that I'm really crazy about those big Asos earings but I don't know if I should buy it or not... :o :s Tell me what you think:

Click here to buy!

Just tell me if you like my jewellery crush? And what are your crush of the month?
Have a nice day/night depending from where you are ;).

mercredi 17 février 2016

Wednesday: Hair day!

Wednesday is...the Hair day! I mean this is the day of my hair crush and hair issues. I have curly/wavy hair that I love to style with Devacurl hair gel (and wash it with Devacul shampoo too) or with a french mousse called Fructis but as a curly girl the temptation of straightening curly hair is never far! So sometimes when I go for straight hair, after my shampoo I kinda like to play with my big hair : dry it with a blow dryer and brush it until it gets really huge ah ah ! I don't know why but I love how it feels on my little head! Take a look:

Trying to look "normal"
Ah ah my crazy brushed hair

And finally straight (i look bored lol )
Enough about my big hair...let's speak about  my hair crush of the day: Joyjah! First, the girl's name is beautiful. It's a combinaison from Joy and Jah (God for Rastafarian)...just this^^((What's your name again? lol). She has a lot of hair and OMG she has that hair color I absolutly looove: a brown/red/auburn color, a very natural tone. Lastly she has freckles, this might be a detail for you, but freckles are at the top of my list of best physical features. So yes, you can consider that she is a curly bombshell. You have to see it by yourselves:

A beautiful smile and...

...amazing curls (ahhh :-0 )

 If you want to follow this beautiful curly, let's check her Instagram here.

lundi 15 février 2016

Drawing Fashion is another passion...

I do not only like to look at fashion...I also LOVE drawing clothes, model faces, and shoes!
I'm a big fan of Moroccan Kaftan so I tried to design my own. Of course a pink one! Take a look:

When it comes to fashion art/design, I have to admit that I have a crush on Hayden William drawing style since a very long time! OMG...I just can't say anything else about his work except: AMAZING and soooo Talented. I wish I could draw like him one day... I made a little selection of 2 of my favourite drawings from him:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Jet Set Glamour
If you want to find more Hayden William fashion sketches, follow this link 
Enjoy :^)

dimanche 14 février 2016

Fashion Winter Crush

I love fashion, it's not a secret: Here are my fashion shoes crush for this 2016 winter! I found beautiful sparkles boots at stradivarius...and I bought them! I know I will not wear them a lot, but I love the style and the design of these boots!

I also had a crush on Jeffery Campbell shoes sold by the site
I can't decide if I should by these in Pink or Grey...both could be very flattering for this summer (I know it was supposed to be my "winter crush" ah ah!).

OMG! in pink.... <3 <3 <3

And my final crush for this summer goes to: These  amazing party sandals from Asos! I could not resist when I saw them! <3 <3 <3 !! I can't wait for this summer to wear them with EVERYTHING! these shoes are the "glamorous" touch for a simple casual day....awww <3 <3 <3

I hope you feel these crush! 
With love :^)