jeudi 31 mars 2016

Cornrows Style!

It's not a secret: I love african hair styles...and one of my favourite is the cornrows style.
I used to style my hair this way a lot as a teenager but I have done this for a while. Maybe I'll try this on me this weekend!

Braided Bun Tutorial

Hii! I'm back with a brandnew hair tutorial! I've been styling my hair with cornrows during all of my  youth so it's kinda weird to see how "fashion" this became these last months! I've always been a fan of african hair styles and my dream as a kid was to have plenty of braids around my head! lol I guess these were the only hair styles that would make me feel comfortable with my hair (it's protective and very stylish). This was before I (re)discovered that I was a curly head...but this is an other story for an other post 😉. So my tutorial will show you how to create an elegant and easy updo with a simple braid:

You can also check my youtube tutorial, just here!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know! ;)

dimanche 6 mars 2016

My little box!

Yeeeeeees! I received my FIRST little box for march, from the website Mylittlebox.
I never thought I would like to receive a box every month with "chosen" products...but finally I'm like "If somebody did not choose this for me I would not know these brand new products that I loooooove" <3 <3 <3 Yes, I'm the kind of personn who's reflecting so much before buying something but at the same time I can sometimes buy things impulsivly (rarely lol mama teaches me too well the value of money ah ah!) especially when it comes to makeup with great designs, or jewellery :) 
I'm completly crazy about the design....seriously could it be prettier? 
The theme for this month is "Bubble" and I'm feeling it so much with those beautiful pastel colors!
So here is how my box arrived:

Here is a closer look:

Here are my products: 

As you can see, I received:
-A ballon (lol, I don't know what to do with this!)
-A little magazine,
-A little wallet from the brand "nat&nin" (here)
-A hair brush (and I swear to god that she is really soft and can handle my curly hair!)
-A Natural hair mask from Lovea nature (here)
-A box of strawberry mentos lol...not so bad!
-A menthol scrub
-A Givenchy mascara (wow this one is cool ^^)
-A sponge for makeup
-A speacial blush for cheekbones and lips!

 Here is a closer look to my favorites products of the box:

I already tried this one...and it's really cleansing the skin and so refreshing!

Here is the bubble blush and lipstick: I found that the idea is cool but I'm not crazy about the color on the cheekbones... :( 

 This product is the killer of the box!!!! It's really smelling goood and this is nourrishing my hair enough. I did not added oil or honey to my mask since this one was working nicely on my hair. I'll probably buy some if it's not that expensive.

 Here is the sponge: I tried it today for my makeup and it was not crazy... The point is really too thin I think or maybe I just prefer the sephora sponge? I don't know.

Finally I liked the cover of this little's so girly and pastel, just exactly what I love to see on magazines lol Well at least I think I would take it in my bag and read it when I'll have a little time aroud :)

Tell me if you already subscribe to a monthly box? Did you like it, and why?
Take care :)

samedi 5 mars 2016

My Jewellery Crush of March...and nail lacquer

I finally received my beautiful rings from Asos!
These rings are so thin and elegant that I don't know if I should wear them "everyday". I feel like they could be very stylish for a weeding or to go to a classy night out. As I love pastel colors I could not "not" buy them. I also love to wear my rings with the beautiful Essie nail lacquer nammed "bikini so teeny"...Isn't it such a sweet very girly name? lol

Rings from Asos (ALDO brand): here
Nail lacquer: Essie "Bikini so teeny", here