mardi 30 août 2016

My Ootd!

Sooo I know I was supposed to post regularly but I do not always have the time to get my laptop around... :(
And do you know why I did not post since the 19th? Because I went on holidayzzz and I had so many things to do that I only made my suitcase at one o'clock in the morning...
So here is what I started to write before my trip to Ibiza:
  "I knoooow it's really late to share an outfit of the day...but I have a good excuse! I leave tomorrow to go to Ibiza so I did not really took the time to post my outfit on the blog, so I just shared it on instagram! Here it is, I kept it very pinky and soo girly ;p And yes, for the first time since my 15 years old I would say...I wore my hair with a ponytail! Seriously I hate to tie my hair up because I'm always searching for the perfect curls etc but with straight hair I obviously know that I'll never have perfect sleek straight hair....ahhh! So what's easier than a ponytail to fake the perfect straight look?"

Ok here is the ootd of my last day before the trip:
Pst: I can't believe I wear a ponytail...ouch, aw, oups!

Top: Primark, similar here.
Necklace: Made by me :)
Jean:, similar here.
Ring: Aliexpress, here.
Shoes: Asos, here.

vendredi 19 août 2016

Outfit of the day!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It's been a while since I did not write on the blog! Ihave to say that I didn't have a lot of time and probably a lot of laziness...(oups!). But I start to have more time so I think that I'll be posting frequently. Since the weather is not that sunny but not so grey I still keep my midsummer clothes on and here is the look of the day:
 Top: Random but similar here
Necklace: Made by Me myself and I (I swear)
Jean: Coup de coeur (little shop in Mouscron, Belgium)
Shoes: Asos, here

My shoes look more pinky in reality!