lundi 31 octobre 2016

Double braid: African and fish braids!

I's a shame I was supposed to post regularly but I'm really taken with my project and since I really want things to work I tend to focus on it...and delete a bit too much my blog! ahhh! I think that instead of posting everyday as I wanted, I'll post at least once per week! I'm trying to find my rythm and it's not that easy! 
But anyway...what I wanted to show you today is a new hairstyle that I've done this week-end! I wanted to make a basic braid-bun combinaison like inspired by this hairstyle from Olivia Rink:

Source: The beautiful Olivia Rink, here

But...Since I never do what I say (or never say what I do hun?) I decided to change my mind and to recreate something different than a simple bun. I wanted to bring a more complex hairstyle with fishbraids, so I thought it could be cute if I added thinner fishbraids in the middle of my african braids in order to create a messy-classy braid look and to break the "little girl" hairstyle.
Here is the result:

I tried to hide as much as possible bobbypins in the hair.
Let me know what you think!
Mouah <3