jeudi 3 novembre 2016

Halloween: Instagram Best Looks!

Monday was that day! 
The day when everybody on Instagram get crazy and post fun (or not) halloween costumes! WAW!!! 
I wish I could frighten myself a bit more ofently than just once a year for halloween...but seriously I live in France and first it's not a traditional celebration and it's not seen as "normal" to like to scare yourself ah ah! 
Considering this...I had to find other ways to scare myself like going to "Le Manoir de Paris" (here) sometimes and omg you need to go there if you want to get a moment of fun, scare and adrenaline! 

Anyway, I absolutly needed to share with you my halloween makeup crushes ofsome of my favorite bloggers:

From Left to right: SincerelyJules, Novalanalove and the super sweet simply_kenna!

Yes these girls are and have very different styles but they all speak to a part of me, at least they correpond perfectly to my different fashion moods. I really love how they created the "same" look in different ways and how it's showing their personalities. If I was celebrating halloween I would not immediatly think about a "skull" face/makeup but I think these girls rocked this look!

I also found an other makeup that I would much more consider if I needed to pick a costume/makeup for halloween. One of my favorite look is from Jetsetjustine (that I found incredibly beautiful whatever her hairstyle is!aawhhh). She made the lion/cat look perfect and super sweet :

What do you think? her blog is here:

The last halloween costumes that I'm going to show you are my very very very first crushes!!!
I mean these looks are just too perfect and seem not to be inspired but to be the true caracters.
Let me know what you think about this version of Jasmine and this version of Lavender (?) from the movie Matilda:

OMG: Perfect Jasmine right? her insta here.

Ah ah! So cute! and remembering me a good movie from my childhood, her insta is here.

Let me know what you think about this selection! I really had a big crush on these looks...but I would like to see other styles ;)
See you xoxo