mardi 17 octobre 2017

More and more!

More and more flowers of course!

Chill It was a day off !

Have a nice day!

Be yourself only

Yes, be yourself only!

Diva room

Hi there!
I wanted to share with you this beautiful home decor today!
I never thought I would love a black wall for a living room but this one made me change my mind! Also it's just the main wall who's half black so... I love how minimalist the decoration is. The glamouros touch is the gorgeous diva portrait and the very chic chandelier and gold is reminded with a very simple lamp.

If you want to recreate this simple and chic decor here is what you need:

A gorgeous diva on the wall and I think that Billie Holiday or Sade could be perfect there:

Then you'll need a great baroque golden frame and I have many options depending on your budget! 
The first one is from and is a round frame that could match perfectly for a portrait :

(link here)

If you want a very similar frame you can go for this one :

This frame is from Amazon, you can find it here.

The second master piece of this home decor is the classic chandelier. I would go for a simple one since it's already a baroque style (so a lot of details by definition) and the goal is not to get an over done decor.

I found a soft chandelier on and I think it's what I could go for :


Also, I would stay in a minimalist style for the floor lamp and go for one like this:

This lamp is from saltandpepper (here)

The last thing I'll go for is the white (huge) cosy rug and theses white/grey blankets. I'd hesitate between two rugs if I had to style my home like this, and I'll go for these:

This rug is from Wayfair (here), very similar to the picture and yes very very simple with no patterns!
The second one is very simple too but has grey berber style also from Wayfair (here)

Let me know what you think about this!?

mardi 10 octobre 2017

Pink again and again!


Hey there! 
So shared a tbt last time on my instagram about how much I missed my tan and holidays of course! But since I share this post with you I find a good sef tanner that is looking so natural and is bringing a nice glow to the skin and I'm talinkg about the Garnier Ambre solaire - No streaks bronzer

This is a tanning spray which is drying super fast with a gradual tanning effect. To be honnest I spray tan right after the shower on a clean skin and I can see my tan growing during the day but the tan is gradual so you'll get the perfect color at the end of the day. 

The first time I used it I was not satisfied because I thought it would be an immediate result so I kept on spraying more and more only on my hands to test it and at the end of the day I saw huge tanning marks on my hands lool Just like if I applied henna on it! So yes people, it's surely working but you have to be a little bit patient to see the results! Also be sure to apply the spray very fast or you'll end up looking like a zebra monster with orange marks on your feets/hands and necks (hardest parts for me!)
I guess this spray tan will be my best friend during this winter! What is your routine during winter to keep a good/fresh tan? Let me know I'm soo curious about it !


Be strong!

Yellow again!

Hi there!
Yes I have a passion for yellow and it's not going to end up easily! If you follow me on instagram you already know that yellow is my favorite color! So, when I saw this amazing and gorgeous home decor I couldn't keep it for myself. It's just the perfect shade of yellow and the perfect match with a soft grey and a bit of wood.

Of course my favorite pieces are the yellow couch and I have a little thing for this grey/greee-yellow rug.  found a nice rug from (here):

I also have an eye for this rug from Cdiscount, which is a bit more dynamic than the first one :


I hope you are feeling this home decor as much as I do!

lundi 9 octobre 2017


This bouquet is Life!

Yeah Low!


Finally I bought these yellow shoes from Asos and I took this beautiful baseball t-shirt and a nice detroyed (but not too much) jean from Miss Selfridge. I'm not really sure if i should keep or not these shoes since it's a bit different from what I'm used to wear and it's seriously getting me out of my confort zone so I'll see if I should keep it or not. I'm feeling the top and this jean. About Ms Selfridge jean  I have to say that this is probably the first time I wear such a destroyed jean because I think destroyed jean can make you look "cheap" if it's too much detroyed lol or make your legs run out of the jean :D. 

-My top is from Asos, here.
-My jean is from Miss Selfridge, here.
-And shoes from Asos, here.

A little closer to show you those yellow shoes...The wrong thing about these shoes is the different shade of yellow on the shoes vs the heels. I know it's not a lot but I'm giving a importance to details lol Details can make a huge difference ;)

a little selfie...cheeeese :)

And I thought I could try my other Asos crush that I keep for sure: those black heels ! (here)

And yep I tried this beautiful chocker from Hapinness boutique to get a feminine/glamorous touch (here).

Let me know what you think about this style and what's your favorite look?
Yellow or Balck shoes?

I can & i will

This quote is....ME! If I can I'll do it and if I do not succeed I'll have no regrets because I tried! ;)

Pink obsession

It's not a usual home decor but I have to admit that this one is very girly and original not only because of it's girly side but because this is looking like a "mature" girly home decor lol. Yes, I wrote "mature" and "girly" in the same sentence! ah ah! I think that the wall painting is giving more personnality and style to the living room. Also the white rug on the couch is bringing a chic look and is contrasting with the girly pink and pastel blue.
If I had one thing to pick about this beautiful picture it would be the lovely pink couch.
What do you guys think about it? Would make a similar home decor? 

Just a nice bouquet!


Hair selfie!

This was my hairstyl before I decided to go cut my hair and get my roots done...Unfortunatly it's looking a bit "red" lol so I'm not crazy about my new haircolor and I really hate having too much colors in my hair :( So I guess I'll have to wait until December to get more highlights and no more ginger hair (even if I love ginger haircolors).

Simplicity yes!

Oh yes! Simplicity is the best thing you can discover about someone's personnality!

Many shades of blue!

Hiii! I hope you're doing well because I've been far from the blog these days! I need to update so many posts that I put on instagram but that I wanted to share in details with you on the blog. Things are changing professionally for me these days (not in a good way lol) so I was a bit fed up these last weeks :( which explains my silence (I'm saying it like if I was the CEO of a big society and had to justify a terrible news 😂). 
Anyway let's try to recreate this beautiful blue home decor that I found on pinterest (yes, I'm a huge fan of pinterest, if you want to follow me here is my page, here) : 

Of course the master piece of this beautiful decor is the berber rug that you can find here (from Monshowroom):

The scandinavian glass table is also bringing a lot of charm to the living room but I'm not a big fan of long tables so I pick this one from Technebshop (here): 

I also had an eye for the white wall decor on the right. I was searching for something similar but I did not find anything satisfying until I found a diy to create an african juju hat on that you can see here :

Let me know what you think about this home decor! 

dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Simply beautiful!

Have a nice weekend
xoxo Cat's eyes!

This is a new post, for a new makeup, and a new style! I still haven't worked on the video that I filmed for this look but I promise that I'll do it very very soon! It's been a moment since I this very inspiring makeup on instagram and that I wanted to try it on myself!!! The inspiration is from carissecontagious instagram (here) and here is the look that made me feel like "waouuuuw I need to try this!" :

As you can tell it's very very very different from what I'm used to! But i love how clean she made her makeup, especially the eyes!I really wanted to try this makeup with the same colors but I realized I only had soft or nude colors and this made me feel like I'm really stuck into "basic and everyday makeup" which is...not so funny lol So yes, I love people who are not afraid to test new things, new styles, who do not fear to be original, colorful (I LOVE colors but if I let myself go...I could go far far away loool) it's always with those people that I find a good makeup inspiration and improve my makeup skills. So even if I was a bit disappointed not to have the same colorful shadows i told myself I'll try this with my usual colors. And...tada! Here is the final look:

Yes I seeeee you with those cat's eyes! Do you like this makeup? Do you think I made a good job? Is it looking like a "nude" version of carissecontagious original makeup? LET ME KNOW lol I need to know your thoughts! Honestly I felt like catwoman with those eyes lool (#crazygirl) but a calm version of catwoman of course!
I'll share very soon the tutorial with you guys and I hope that you enjoy! 

That's what I need right now!

My purple crush - couch!

It's late but I won't go to bed until I share with you this amazing home inspiration! I know that this decor is very feminine, not an ordinary home decoration at least this is what I would go for if I was an artist lol (ah ah).
The original touch of this decor is also coming from the way they adjust pictures on the wall then a vase and again a nice painting or picture with an other vase. It's a pretty way to divert attention from the library full of books.

I'm personaly fan of this purple individual sofa and of course I love the pink one! If I had to remove something it would definitly be the light white/grey rug...or the table (yes I'm not crazy about glass tables!). So here are my favorite pieces of this gorgeous home decor ! I hope you'll like it!

So I found a nice pink sofa from Loaf (here) and I think that the design is even better than what I expected! Pastel colors in general and pink bring a soft atmosphere to a living room:

But I also found a cheaper version and to be hinest the design is as stylish and chic as the first one (here):

I tried to find a purple similar couch but to be honest what I found is not satisfying me at all! The only one that could match for me is this one from LaRedoute (here):

These are definitely what I would buy if I wanted a soft room at home. I think purple is matching very nicely with pink pastel tones and it's bringing a bit more energy and dynamism.
Let me know if you would go for this kind of decor? Is it too girly? How would you feel if you had to live in this kind of room? (ah ah I need to know your feelings because I'm such a psycho lol).

mardi 19 septembre 2017