dimanche 10 décembre 2017

All white

Fresh flowers for a fresh start 

Cold days!

Here are cold days coming!
One of my first winter look was this one here. I love this sweet and warm cardigan for winter. I'm a huge fan of nude/beige tones for clothes,  makeup and decoration ah ah! Almost for everything! Anyway, here is my outfit:

My Cardigan is from Zahrassecretcloset, here.
My top is from Loavies, here.
The chocker is from Happinness Boutique, here.
My jean is from Missguided,similar here.
My sneakers are from Adidas (Asos), here.

Hope you enjoy this outfit!

samedi 9 décembre 2017

Foodie for life!

Yes! Where's the food! Since I work from home that's my constant mood! lol I'm always checking my fridge and if there's food or make a tea/cappuccino... ah I know I need to relax about food (I mean bad food) but it's really hard ^^.
Also this is my mood every weekend! Wher'es the FOOD!! During weekends I allow myself EVERYTHING... so I guess I'm eating what I want every times? hihihi!
What about you? Do you change your habits during the weekend?

Soft and delicate!

This is a perfect and very romantic living room!
The couch and pillows are my little crush. Sooo of course I made my little selection, and here is what I found :

This is the beautiful couch that I found pretty similar to what I was looking for.
It's from Delamaison.fr, here

I also found this beautiful pillow with the same kind of style than the decor, from Cdiscount, here:

And the golden touch of this home decor couldn't be forgotten! I honestly don't know if it's really
useful but I think it's really cute and chic!

From Maison du Monde, here.

What do you guys think?
Let me know if you like this home decor?

samedi 18 novembre 2017

Pastel pink flowers!

This color can't disappoint anyone ! I just love this! 

Winter style!

It's winter time and I couldn't be happier! I finally can wear gloves, boots, warm knitwear, hats etc and of course during winter...you can eat as much as you want (like i do whatever the season is)!
So here is one of my first winter outfit :

Pullover from MissSelfridge, here.
Jean from MissSelfridge, here (from Asos).
Shoes from Asos, here.
Bag from Asos (here).
Chocker from Happiness boutique, here.

These shoes!!! <3



YOU create it! Don't forget!

Leo prints or cosy-chic decor?

Leopard prints and a mirror table are everything? How cute is this living room?

And what about this one? More "exotic" and modern but very cosy-chic in my opinion! 
What do you think?

jeudi 16 novembre 2017

2 Packs of flowers please!

So pretty!


Black bag!

Hi there! 
This is the kind of all black outfit I love to wear and find very pretty and wearable for many occasions.
I've been in love with this embelished asos bag since a moment and all I had to do was buy it!!! I love how simple this outfit is looking and how accessories are finishing the style!

Here is my outfit: 
Chocker and necklace from Happiness boutique, here and here.
Top from Vila, similar here.
Velvet bag from Asos, here.
Leather legging from H&M,similar here.

What do you think about this look? Would you go for an ALL black style?

This beautiful velvet bag from Asos <3

those shoes! I think I'll wear them ALL the time this winter ah ah! <3

mercredi 15 novembre 2017

Pastel paradise

How pretty and elegant is this living room? Seriously!!! I'm really in LOVE with it! So pretty, minimalist and chic! 
Do you like this kind of decor?

A touch of red!

This bouquet is E V E R Y T H I N G !
What do you think?

Smile like me!

Just a selfie to make you smile...like me :)

Not to do!

We are here for a limited time....so do not add or create more limits!

Orange light!

OMG when I saw this I first thought: I could never have this kind of office because when I work I'm a mess and I need a lot of space to see my files etc but I also love to clean up and work on a tidy desk.
I love how modern and old pieces are mixed here! It's very simple and the pieces of this office are all functional and decorative at the same time which is clever to do if you want to create a good work atmosphere: you need space to be able to have all you need at hand + work in a good/positive place where you feel comfortable!

I I had to recreate this kind of office I would go for all the cactus lol but mostly for the baroque (simple) miror, the orange chair and the white one too. I'm not a lover of statues etc I admit that this scare me a bit and it's looking so "alive" ah ah! so I'm not going for it...

Here is a selection for this office decor:

I love love love this chair! It's sophisticated, elegant and modern with an "old" vibe too, just pefectly what's needed for this decor. I found it here on Touchedinteriors.co.uk.

I also found an other beautiful chair with a very modern style but I think it could match our decor:

You can find it here on Emob.eu.

I had a severe crush on this miror from Maisondumonde.com :

link here.

What do you think about these?

Creamy flowers !

Isn't it the perfect bouquet to offer for any occasion?
Love it!

Yellow hello!

Here is my yellow/black look of the day and... my curly cut with my last balayage. I'm not crazy about the hair color and I still want to go lighter but it's ok I'll get something lighter very soon! Anyway I also went for a shorter haircut with more volume and gave up my lenght :( I do not think I'll do it again! I need long hair lol It's just something I can't deal without!

My outfit is from:
Shoes: from Stradivarius (old pair), similar here and here.
Jean: from a random shop in Belgium, similar here.
T-short from H&M, similar (here).
Cardigan from Asos (here).
Bag from Sheinside (here).

Big hair don't care !

mardi 14 novembre 2017


Nothing more to add! Live your life!!

Navy and Baroque !

Oh my god! How luxurious and great is this home decor looking?
I could not live with this kind of home decoration to be honest because I love warm colors like orange, brown or yellow and I need a lot of light maybe because I used to live in a big house full of light and pastel colors? Anyway! I thought it would be a good thing to share an original decor (at least in my opinion). What do you think about this baroque trend? Is the full navy trend something you would go for? 
If you want to recreate this decor here are the masterpiece of this decor :

A smaller version of the blue desk from Cdiscount, here.

For the light I would go for something simple and less sophisticated than the decor's lamps :

here on zulily.com.

Also the big miror is THE central piece of the desk decoration: 

I think this mirror is just pefect if you want to do something similar without being "too much"!
You can find it here on wayfair.com.

What do you think about this?
Let me know!

lundi 6 novembre 2017

Eyes have it!

Why am I posing and looking at my camera like I'm going to ask : "Will you marry me?" lol 
I'm trying so hard with my eyes but I guess this is how I'm supposed to take a selfie since I'm a "fashion" blogger and a "beauty addict"... ah ah!
Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" ;) or..."Hello, it's me..." oh ok! I'm leaving now.

What you want!

Yes my friends, life is short and we need to do what we want/love/need! 

A chair!

There isn't a lot of decoration there but the few decorative elements are absolutly well chosen and simple! 

Clearly this leather butterfly chair is bringing life and personnality to this room and I'm a huge fan of transparent chairs in the kitchen! Do you feel this decor?
I find a similar butterfly chair on amazon and I like the fact that it's looking less red :


The oak chair from cuerodesign.com is good one too that I would choose as a very similar version:


Still talking about chairs, the transparent chairs can be found easily everywhere but I find these on privatefloor.com and there's a discount of 50% on them these days:



flowers and joy <3

Aztec !

This Aztec jacket!

I have this jacket since a moment but I was only styling it with black outfits...until I decided that a destroyed jean would make it really stylish! What do you think?

Her is the complete look:

>My jacket is from : a random shop in Belgium, but you can find a similar one here and here.
>My top is from loavies: similar one here.
>My jean is from MissSelfridge similar here.
>My sneakers are from Adidas via Asos: similar here.

The cutest white top from Loavies:

These comfortable sneakers <3 !