mercredi 16 août 2017

Flowers are never enough!

Hi again!
I'll try to post everyday an inspirational picture of flowers that I found beautifl...again I think I'll share a lot of pink/white flowers (my favorite ;) ).


Pastel and decoration

Here are 2 decors with very soft and pink pastel colors! I really could see myself buying these kind of pink girly --> so ME! I have to admit that I had to calm down about pink, pastel colors and glitter lol I'm so much into it that sometimes I do not realize that it's too girly or too "young" and I'm not only talking about decoration but about clothes too! Ayway here are two beautiful decors that I wanted to show you (I have a little preference for the first one) :


These quotes!

(oh yes! and please, don't try to look like a Kardashian, they do not even look like themselves ;D )

Girls night out can be simple!

Hi everyone!
Today I propose you a simple outfit for a girl night out. I thought that a little white and black match could make it with beautiful embelished heels.

The top (from Gina Tricot) is very beautiful and the pictures are not showing how cute and elegant it is! I also love this necklace from Ivy Revel even if I find it a bit hard to adjust with an outfit. The other glam touch of this ootd are the shoes from missguided...very high by the way (well for me :)) but so comfy and nice to look at!

I wear: 
-Top from Gina Tricot.
-Necklace from Ivy Revel, here.
-Jean from h&m, similar here.
-Heels from Missguided, here.

mardi 15 août 2017

Home crush!!!

Here are my home inspiration for today! I have a little preference for the second one even if the first one is less "feminine" more appreciable for everybody (no strong colors).
What do you think?

Never expect too much...

Never expect too much or you'll get deceptions, live your life simply without thinking too much about what could happen because God always has better plans for you even if you don't see it immediatly! 

Shake it...sha..shake it!

Hi my loves!
Today I have a very cool and feminine outfit to share for these last days of summer (well when the sun is not lazy). I wear a Loavies white top with an old Missguided pink skirt that I bought few years ago. Tell me what you think about this look:

 I wear: 
-Top from Loavies, here.
-Skirt from Missguided, similar here.
-Sneakers from Adidas, here.


lundi 14 août 2017

If I didn't have to leave home for work....

I would live in these kind of decors ♥, between those 2 styles I can't decide !


Stay strong and determined to reach your goal!

Stripes all day!

Hi my loves! 
I wanted to share with you an other pieces that I got from which is a simple jumpsuit with stripes that I found super classy and easy to wear with brown wedges or grey heels. The jumpsuit brand is from Ichi, which is a brand I didn't know at all before purchasing the jumpsuit. I have to admit that the jumpsuit is a bit large but it's making it more comfy and I really like the fact that you can wear it in different ways with different shoes to adjust it to your style or occasion.

Here is my look, let me know what you think about it:

If you want to wear a similar outfit:
-Jumpsuit from Gina tricot, here.
-Ring, old one but similar here.
-Bracelet, old one but similar here


samedi 12 août 2017

Home sweet home!

Hi again!
I wanted to share with a new passion that I have and that is always inspiring me: home design!
I think I'll try post everyday a new home decoration that is inspiring me, just like these decors:

What do you guy's think about this style?
Let me know! 

Always pay attention my friends...


People are not as what we think, not everybody is full of kindness, support and friendship. Friends of today could be tomorrow's enemies, when success is coming, their jalousy start showing. 
Be careful of those friends who wants to have the "same life" than you: they'll tell you that you're their model and then suggest you to do things the way they want it to be to finally criticise you to make you loose confidence.

As hard as it seem to be you should always have your back and count on yourself, you are your own best friend and no one know you better than yourself. 

White is always a good idea!

I hope you're doing well ! I have a new ootd to share and it's a really simple, cool-chic and comfy look. I think it's a good mix if you want to wear sneakers at work and still keep a professional, formal but fashions style.
I have to admit that I'm crazy about that last flower trend for blouses. I think it's briging a touch of fashion and style to the classic blouse that we see too much in offices.

Here is my look:

 My outfit:
-Blouse is from loavies, here.
-Jean is from nelly, similar here.
-Sneakers from New Balance, here.

Let me know what you thin about this look and if you like a touch of flowers on your blouse!

vendredi 11 août 2017

Brand new day - Brand new quote !

It's a new day, so here's the new quote:

NA-KD dress!

I hope you enjoy the last days of summer because here in France summer is playing too much with us :(. There's sun and then rain, and it keep on going like this everyday since I came back from holidays. Today the sun seam to be here so I decided to share with you a dress that I recently bought from

This dress is very different from what I like to wear and again with flowers but I think it's really pretty espacially for hot days when you can't support jeans or pants. I love the mix of the dress: flowers that are reminding me the galaxy... I don't know lol but I really love the colors!

Let me know what you think about the dress:

Dress: NA-KD, here.

jeudi 10 août 2017

A quote for a day!

Let's go for a new categorie for this blog, I'll try to publish everyday a quote that I appreciate, feel or try to apply in my own life. I hope you'll appreciate:


Flowers there - flowers everywhere


I'm not the kind of girl who wear oftenly and easily flowers and patterns but when I do....I choose wisely clothes with flower or patterns since I think that this can change a style and make it look really ugly or too much!

I've finally found a Mango summer dress that can be both worn in vacation and be seen as a citydress with a white tee-shirt and cool adidas sneakers:

I think this dress is perfect for warm days and is giving a fresh and simple style as I like to wear. 
I also find that the dress is so cute that few accessories are needed or at least I could wear it with a deep red or pink lipstick.

You can find my outfits at:
-Dress from Mango, here.
-Tee-shirt from Gina tricot, here.
-Sneakers from Adidas, here.
-Chain from my grandmother :)