jeudi 31 août 2017

Proud of what?

Are you the kind of person who's never satisfied? I am! and all I can say is that this quote is perfectly defining my personnality lol I do not stop something I have to do unless I feel proud about it ;).
Are you guys feeling this quote or is it a bit to psycho for you (because yes you are a psycho if you understand this quote ;) ).


Wood and books!

I am C R A Z Y about this simple and SO effortlessly chic home decor! All I want when I see this picture on my laptop is to pass through my screen, sit on the beautiful chair with a cappucino and get a book from the gorgeous library. The only thing that scares me is this deer head on the wall because it's looking real (I hope it's not...poor animal)!
This decor is finally very simple if you look closer: This is a huge white room with few decoration and the great touch of it is the exotic carpet with the beautiful chair with a laid white blanket and I think that the wood is nicely decorating the room.

If you want to steal the style of this room you can look for a nice berber carpet (first one from LaRedoute here and the seond one is from Selency here) :

 To complete this exotic-bohemian chic style you can add a nice rotin chair :

 This one is from Cdiscount and you can find it here
And of course feel free to add a cute white blanket to bring chicness and a cosy style :

This faux rug is from Ikea (this is the cheapest that I found!, here). 

The last element to fake this impression of being in this home decor is this book from Charley Harper:

You can find it here.

I hope you'll appreciate this home decor and find useful decoration pieces!

Give me an F!

An F like FLOWER!
Yes I found this beautiful picture on pinterest last day (yes you know this website that I'm addicted to? are you too?) and I could not keep so much beauty for myself.
To be honest I never bhought flowers online! Never! Even if I buy everything online (from my makeup, to my clothes, my food etc) I always feel like going to a florist is the best thing to do if you want to choose your own flowers (online too I know) and have this fresh flower smell around you (yet not possible online ahh ahh! i got you!). I think going to a florist for me is still a real experience since I do not get flowers for myself that oftenly but I go to the florist for special and (thank god) happy events! So in my family I'm always the one who's in charge of getting this bride bouquet (I did for my sisters in law ;) ), or a nice bouquet for a sick person etc. Anyway here are the flowers of the day! I hope you enjoy ;)

First Makeup tutorial

Hi!!! I hope you are doing well because I finally made my first makeup tutorial!
Yes I did! I thought that I could show you my makeup for the end of the summer because it is not always easy to wear makeup (especially foundation) when the sun is showing up! I personnaly go for a nude lips/tan skin/light eye makeup when sunny days are here and I wanted to share with you this little routine since I love using different products every time.

Here are the products that I used for this tutorial :

-Day cream if from Bioderma - Sebium Global, here.
-L'oréal Glam Bronze CG Cream, here.
-Concealer from Maybelline Super stay 24h, shade light 2, here.
-Bronzing Powder from Maybelline Dream Sun - 01 Light bronze (to get a perfect finised look and kill this crazy shiny skin effect), here.
-Blush in pink shade from Nyx PB03 Angel, here.
-Highlighter from Urban Decay - Naked Flushed Native, here.

-Under my eyebrows I used the virgin color from the Naked eye palette, here.
-On my eyelids : Sleek Makeup palette I-divine - A new day 430 and used shades "Bright Side" and  "Believer" (blended togheter) + the shade let it go to blend and make a light eyeshadow, here.
-Eyeliner from Helen Black - Tatto Eyeliner Precision, similar here.
-Mascara (imitation from Bourjois) - Rômantic Bird Cosmetics Volume Clubbing - Absolute Black (a fake one from algeria... grrr but it's working very well!), here.

-Sephora long lasting brow pencil brown shade 511A.
-Maybelline Khôl pencil 410 from the line Color show (normally this one is for the eyes but I put a little bit of it on my brow brush and brush lightly my eyebrows to get a perfect and deeper color), here.

-Ever Beauty Matte color 113, here.

Let me know what you think about my makeup, and what is your summer makeup routine?
Also feel free to give me a thumbs up on youtube if you appreciate the video ;)


mercredi 30 août 2017

It's a beautiful life after all!

We are not eternal but we choose the worst: destructing each others and killing innocents... I just can't understand why humans need to dominate insteed of ignoring those they can't stand. 
#prayforsyria #prayforafrica #praythatwedontfallintheiragendathing #prayagainstthenewworldorder #yesIbelieveinit #yesGODwillsucceed #yesyouneedtopray #yesIonlytrustGODnothumans

Exoctic chic

THIS! Can you see this home decor? I'm in love with EVERY elements.

I think that the decoration is really bringing an athmosphere and of course a style. I would even say a state of mind. This spectacular and great decor is from a french hotel called COQ (Community of quality) Hotel (such a smart and ambitious name).

I you go on you'll see that the ergonomy and the design of the website are smartly thought and every information needed is there without too much text...I do not only appreciate home design but web design too and I'm very sensitive to ergonomy, web design etc I'm originally a "web specialist" (or I should say a search engine traffic manager).

But anyway, it's good to find a beautiful hotel like this who's able to bring a full package: nice website, nice rooms, nice food from what I saw! I think I need to test this hotel and find an excuse to go to Paris (it should not be hard hihi). Considering the price I'm a bit surprised for 2 personn one night is starting at 95€...not so expensive finally!

Do you like this home decor too?

If you want to recreate this kind of exotic/green decor at home or for your office I find few pieces that could be useful!
One main element of this decor is the gorgeous table with blue marble from (here) :

 And of course the simple scandinavian table that you can find here:

You will have to add a LOT of green in your living room or room in order to get this very chic, relaxed exotic style:

These plants are from where you can find many options to decorate your house with plants (here, here and here).

Yellow pillows from Amazon are also neede for this home decor :

You can find them here and here.

A litlle bit of simple home decor can be added like this terrestrial globe, here:

I hope that you appreciate my selection, that it can be helpful for your decoration or that it can inspire you for anything!

Flowers are life

I have a nice news to share with you!
Yes I finally found who designed the perfect printed flower bouquets that I posted last time on the blog (here). This picture is from Designlovefest and as I was scrolling dow their blog I told myself that no one ever thought about making printable designs for flowers before I wrong? I love this idea of having a cute and nicely designed paper around the flowers. This is allowing a lot of creativity if you want/need to send a subliminal (or clear) message lol 
Anyway, I recommand you to check Designlovefest blog if not already because they have much more than paper-flower designs to share with the world ^^. 

Annnnnd here is the picture that made my day :


Red for once

I haven't posted in a while an ootd picture!
Here it is! The summer is very very very unpredictable these days and I just survived to the hottest days of the end of the summer I think! I went for a cute/comfy top from Loavies (I love this website as you might know now) ans a simple white jean from with my (grey shoes from honey these were just for the picture) white flats from Primark. I'm just human and I still can not keep my feets in heels all day long :(. Can you?

My outfit:
-Red Top from Loavis, here.
-Jean from, similar here.
-Shoes from Asos, similar here.
-Flats from Primark, similar here.

Let me know what you think about this outfit! ;)

Life, oh life, ohhh lifeeeee

Yes please realize your chance to be alive and HEALTHY!!!

Leo prints!

I'm not a fan of leo prints but when I saw this decor I was absolutly in love with everything!
The leaopard pillows are bringing that "luxurious" touch with the very original vase on the table and the soft mix of colors (pink and gold) is gently adding an original vibe to the living room.

I've been watching for leopard pillows and I find the same pillows on

You can find it here.

Also the amazingly chic gold vase can be found at here (there's a promotion these days):

I you want to complete the decor you can also go for these similar beautiful mustard chairs from (here):

I hope you enjoy this amazing and chic decor as much as I do!
Let me know if you want me to find similar pieces that you like about this decor.

Orange is the new Flower pack!

Not my usual color but I love this!

I thought about it!

And I would like to know your opinion about my next hair post. I wanted to make a post about my hair evolution in order to show you guys how I changed my hair through time and what were my top/flop with styling my hair and colorations.

Anyway, I think it could be a real movie because I've been wearing long hair since my childhood and I only had my first hair cut at 11! Yes the very first haircut was at 11 years old, I was so upset with my long hair and did not know at that time that it was curly. I remember that my mom was against it but I finally had the last word about it :). This was also my first time to the hairdresser and the first time I straighten my hair ! My first everything lol 

Just let me know if you would like to see and learn more about my hair journey, I think it's always nice and funny to read this (at least I love reading these posts) ;) .

A little selfie with straight hair

mardi 29 août 2017

You got nerves?

Today's quote is all about datermination, being strong and having self-control...
Are these qualities a part of your personnality?

Pink is not only for girls!

I finally made my hand on a beautiful pink home decor and it's not looking like a girly decoration even if the pink makes it a bit feminine. When I take a look at this home decor I see myself next to the cat, relaxing with a good tea and a good book or an episode of empire :D.
This is definitely the kind of decor that could match with my adulthood taste with a feminine touch.

I saw beautiful decorative stuff on Maison du Monde these last days (like everytime I should say) and I think both of these clocks could be nicely matching this type of decor if you want to recreate the same style :

Clock from Maison du Monde: Pink, stylish and simple with the scandinavian stye, here.

If you want to go for the exact same style you can pick this one from Maison du Monde too, here.

The pink couch is also bringing a lot of style to the decor, if not making it all. I find a nice and very similar version of this couch on Kavehome, here.

Of course you can add many decorative elements to bring this cosy atmosphere to your house like a light suspension, a wall frame or a cactus/green plant.

Beautiful Iron Coper suspension from Maison du Monde, here

For the exact same style you can find this Copper suspension for a cheaper price here at Maison du Monde.

For a table decoration you can add this perfect wall frame from Maison du Monde, here :

And of course a touch of green with Ikea plants, here

I hope you'll appreciate this selection!

lundi 28 août 2017

Lewis Miller flowers

I recently discovered Lewis Millerwork and I have to admit that I'm crazy about his work! He does an amazing work with a great association of colors and flowers to bring light and beauty in New York 's garbage cans. But his work is not limited to gabarge cans and you can find many other flowers creations like for a bus stop, statues or in Central park.

If you want to know more about his work, here is his blog. I hope you'll enjoye and admire his creations as much as I do!

Curly selfie

I have been experiencing a lot with my hair these last days and cuting it myself to try to get this very wanted afrocurl shape. Finally I think I won't get any new highlights until a moment. 

I want to grow healthy hair before getting a new balayage. The last one I did was perfectly corresponding to the hair color I was expecting since so long...but I did this balayage on unhealthy hair that I damaged many times with home coloration (like 3 or 4 colorations!). My ends were dead and I did not wanted to give up on them because I did not wanted to have this "short hair feeling" (even if my hair was not short at all). 

Anyway I think that I'm going to wait for 2-3 month before getting new highlights and I think I'll keep my hair in dreadlocks in order to have a "transition" phase and not feel ugly with my dark roots-blond ends.
Don't be scared dreadlocks are not what you imagine: If you want your dreads out you do not need to cut it!!! I saw many dreadlocks tutorial on youtube and many people get back they hair without a dramatic cut! Also I think that clean dreadlocks can be very stylish, elegant and original in order to keep your hair growing. You can watch how to brush dreadlocks out here on LeosLaberTV channel and I did not told you that I follow AnnaApril since a moment and this is what motivates me to get my drealocks soon! 

Before getting dreadlocks here is a little picture of my current hairstyle. Tell me if you like this cut? 

I styled my hair with:
-Mousse: Garnier Fructis Style Hydra Culrs, here.
-Conditionner: Garnier Ultra doux - Huile d'avocat et beurre de Karité, here.


Just a little inspo!

Blue and Yellow?

To be honest, I had a little problem with this home decoration... I did not know what was wrong until someone on instagram told me that the mirrors were not well chosen and should be removed....And I completely agree! I also think that green is missing even if there's a cactus on the left and on the table.
I love how the yellow is nicely reminded with only 2 pillows and I like the fact that the blue is not too much present in order not to make it too much. The white wall is also bringing light and clarity .
This style is showing that with a new painting color on 2 doors and pillows you can already change the ambiance of a living room. Also a carpet can help to make a huge difference.

Here is my selection if you want to refresh your home design:

A beautiful Scandinavian sofa from Maison du Monde, here.

If you want a cheaper and convertible sofa from Amazon, here.


Feel free to add blue pillows to remind the color of the carpet, you can find these pillows here and here.

Also for the carpet, many options are possible but I think that this carpet is the less expensive (you can find it here) and the best looking comparing to this similar version here.

For the yellow touch you can add 2-3 simple pillows like these (here and here), and different decoration like an ananas (here) or a candle light (here).


I hope you'll enjoy!