jeudi 10 août 2017

Flowers there - flowers everywhere


I'm not the kind of girl who wear oftenly and easily flowers and patterns but when I do....I choose wisely clothes with flower or patterns since I think that this can change a style and make it look really ugly or too much!

I've finally found a Mango summer dress that can be both worn in vacation and be seen as a citydress with a white tee-shirt and cool adidas sneakers:

I think this dress is perfect for warm days and is giving a fresh and simple style as I like to wear. 
I also find that the dress is so cute that few accessories are needed or at least I could wear it with a deep red or pink lipstick.

You can find my outfits at:
-Dress from Mango, here.
-Tee-shirt from Gina tricot, here.
-Sneakers from Adidas, here.
-Chain from my grandmother :) 


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