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vendredi 11 août 2017

NA-KD dress!

I hope you enjoy the last days of summer because here in France summer is playing too much with us :(. There's sun and then rain, and it keep on going like this everyday since I came back from holidays. Today the sun seam to be here so I decided to share with you a dress that I recently bought from

This dress is very different from what I like to wear and again with flowers but I think it's really pretty espacially for hot days when you can't support jeans or pants. I love the mix of the dress: flowers that are reminding me the galaxy... I don't know lol but I really love the colors!

Let me know what you think about the dress:

Dress: NA-KD, here.

mardi 8 août 2017

Outfit of the dayyyy!

Yes I'm publishing on the blog again!!! (clap, clap, clap)
And no, I do not only wear lace dresses and I like to feel comfortable on my clothes, that's why I'm so in looove with Gina Tricot's pants and I just discovered Loavies online shop and I have to admit that I'm seriously addicted (even if it's a bit expensive)! Loavies's clothes are cute, moderne, feminin, comfortable and the quality is really simillar as Zara.
Anyway, here is my outfit of the day, let me know what you think:

I wear:
-Loavies top here,
-Gina Tricot simillar jean here,

mardi 30 août 2016

My Ootd!

Sooo I know I was supposed to post regularly but I do not always have the time to get my laptop around... :(
And do you know why I did not post since the 19th? Because I went on holidayzzz and I had so many things to do that I only made my suitcase at one o'clock in the morning...
So here is what I started to write before my trip to Ibiza:
  "I knoooow it's really late to share an outfit of the day...but I have a good excuse! I leave tomorrow to go to Ibiza so I did not really took the time to post my outfit on the blog, so I just shared it on instagram! Here it is, I kept it very pinky and soo girly ;p And yes, for the first time since my 15 years old I would say...I wore my hair with a ponytail! Seriously I hate to tie my hair up because I'm always searching for the perfect curls etc but with straight hair I obviously know that I'll never have perfect sleek straight hair....ahhh! So what's easier than a ponytail to fake the perfect straight look?"

Ok here is the ootd of my last day before the trip:
Pst: I can't believe I wear a ponytail...ouch, aw, oups!

Top: Primark, similar here.
Necklace: Made by me :)
Jean:, similar here.
Ring: Aliexpress, here.
Shoes: Asos, here.

vendredi 19 août 2016

Outfit of the day!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It's been a while since I did not write on the blog! Ihave to say that I didn't have a lot of time and probably a lot of laziness...(oups!). But I start to have more time so I think that I'll be posting frequently. Since the weather is not that sunny but not so grey I still keep my midsummer clothes on and here is the look of the day:
 Top: Random but similar here
Necklace: Made by Me myself and I (I swear)
Jean: Coup de coeur (little shop in Mouscron, Belgium)
Shoes: Asos, here

My shoes look more pinky in reality!

samedi 23 avril 2016

My styles of the week! me :) !
I have been busy these times so I did not had the time to update the blog! This little time "off" also made me re-think of what I REALLY wanted to share with you guys. So the blog will mainly be dedicated to hairstyling and my everyday outfits. I will probably make an other blog about food, beauty boxes and all the other stuff I love, but that's an other story :) 

So my looks of last week were  really different.
I started the weekend with a very casual style and my favorite kind of pattern: STRIPES! I love the navy style, I think it's really easy to wear and adapt depending of the style you want to have. Personnaly I like to use it for "rock" style with a black vest, a black skinny jean and a hat. The "classic" look is an other style that I usually go for: a blue costum vest, with a simple blue jean and nude flats is really an easy chic style to me. But when I don't know what to wear I also feel like my stripes will always be saving my poor style :p So my first look of the week here is very very casual... I'm wearing my stripes with my #mango camel vest and a black #stradivarius skinny with my #asos leopard loafers and that is my official"on the go" look lol.

I don't know if you do to girls but I can not wear heels every day! I'm always like "What if I'm late? I will have to run with heels"...I know it's sounding stupid but it's honnestly my first thought! Enough talking, here is my first style of the week...and all the rest:

 First day of the weekend :)
Jacket: Mango similar here
Top: Sheinde similar here
Skinny jean: Stradivarius
>>>I really not recommand to buy your jeans at stradivarius, I used to buy a lot of jeans from them but this black skinny is really not satisfying me! The material is catching dust too much...not elegant on a black jean! 
Instead you can find similar here
Shoes: Asos here

Second day :)
I went for a "girly" look with:
Top: Aliexpress
Skirt: Mango (old but similar here)
Shoes: Asos, Glamorous here

3rd Dayyyy (and last weekend day...yes I had a long weekend :) ) !
During weekends I always go for something I found a bit too much for work... yes it's a way to take advantage of all these clothes lol
My clothes are from:
Dress: Sheinside here
Legging: Asos here
Boots: Stradivarius similar here

Day...Number 4!!
Ok I had to go back to work so I started the week with a very simple style!
Top: Aliexpress 
Jean: American Eagle similar here
Shoes: Asos here

Day 5!
Hat: Aritzia similar here
Top: Zara
Vest: Zara similar here
Skinny jean: Stradivarius
 Boots: Stradivarius similar here

Day 6...
Top: Sheinside here
Jean: here
Shoes: Asos here

Day 7!
Blouse: Primark similar here
Jean: Stradivarius here
Shoes: Asos similar here

I hope you enjoed my style during this week! :)