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mardi 22 août 2017

Yellow dress is my ambition

Yellow - Hello!
I'm still not bored of yellow and here is an outfit I wore during these summer days!
Let me know if you like this dress :

My outfit:
-Dress from Zara, similar styles here.
-Jacket from H&M, here.
-Sneakers from Adidas, here.

vendredi 11 août 2017

NA-KD dress!

I hope you enjoy the last days of summer because here in France summer is playing too much with us :(. There's sun and then rain, and it keep on going like this everyday since I came back from holidays. Today the sun seam to be here so I decided to share with you a dress that I recently bought from

This dress is very different from what I like to wear and again with flowers but I think it's really pretty espacially for hot days when you can't support jeans or pants. I love the mix of the dress: flowers that are reminding me the galaxy... I don't know lol but I really love the colors!

Let me know what you think about the dress:

Dress: NA-KD, here.

jeudi 10 août 2017

Flowers there - flowers everywhere


I'm not the kind of girl who wear oftenly and easily flowers and patterns but when I do....I choose wisely clothes with flower or patterns since I think that this can change a style and make it look really ugly or too much!

I've finally found a Mango summer dress that can be both worn in vacation and be seen as a citydress with a white tee-shirt and cool adidas sneakers:

I think this dress is perfect for warm days and is giving a fresh and simple style as I like to wear. 
I also find that the dress is so cute that few accessories are needed or at least I could wear it with a deep red or pink lipstick.

You can find my outfits at:
-Dress from Mango, here.
-Tee-shirt from Gina tricot, here.
-Sneakers from Adidas, here.
-Chain from my grandmother :) 


jeudi 3 août 2017


Hiii! I hope you're doing well because I'm back to talk about an asos blue lace dress that I've felt in love with recently. I thought a video would better to show how chic and cute this dress is. So I think I will publish videos for special outfits like this one.

About the dress, I'm in love with the color, the style, the chicness and the mix of elegance and originality BUT.....:
I'm a bit disappointed by the global quality : the pearls on the dress are very fragile and the lace is not as cute as on pictures (I mean not looking as good as ASOS pictures :D).
One thing I did not thought about when I bought this dress is how "loud" it is to wear something like this! The dress is really keeping warm and not very comfortable. This last point is really something to consider when you buy an expensive dress, in my opinion if you pay the price you have to be satisfied and feel good when you wear it.
An other important point is that since the dress is really full of pearls, decoration and lace you have to keep it simple with accessories in order not to make it look cheap.
Lastly, the big default of the dress is that it doesn't perfectly fit the body!!! especially the hips and shoulders, the arms were a little bit large but it was acceptable!!! Hell no!!! That is the HUGE default unfortunatly...snif snif snif. I took the size 8 (36 for french size) and it was a bit too large...

Except these points I admit that the dress is definitely an elegant and original dress to wear if you want to mark the occasion but this is not the kind of dress that makes you feel confortable. But hey, if it's just for 2 or 3 hours you'll survive! :p

Here are the pictures of the dress:

See you

vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Perfect Black Dress! 
Back from the holidays I had the chance to be welcomed by my huge package from! I waited for it during 2 weeks and bought 10 items of these last trends for a very afordable price. I did not made a special post because I really, really wanted to wear my brandnew clothes! <3 <3 ah ah!
But if you follow me carefully you'll see me with a Sheinside piece almost all the time lol  What I like about this dress is how comfy and stylish it is! You can wear it with a casual style as I did, adding, hippie/summer colored bracelets and snearkers or for a night out with black or heels of colors to make it more fashion and break the classic design.
So here is the look:

Dress: Sheinside, here.
Necklace: Nike run (for women).
Bracelets: Suite blanco, here.