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jeudi 7 septembre 2017


Always something I try to remember, life is to short to only whish you could do this or that...react, react and ACT! It's never late to begin! 

mardi 5 septembre 2017

And you know the storm will always come...

Hi!! I have not been active on the blog this weekend...and I have no excuses I wanted to focus on my weekend lol and take time for myself, my family and friends ;). 
This quote made me think of Hope's song Rain dont last that I listenned to few days ago. This song is so old (at least I was really young when I used to listen to it but it's still good for my little ears lol)!
I recommand you this beautiful song if you want to relax during a boring day and escape a bit...


samedi 2 septembre 2017

You're the only one!

You're the only one to choose for your future, your life, your family, your dreams, if you want something to happen, well do it! Just do it! Nobody 's going to do it for you ;)

jeudi 31 août 2017

Proud of what?

Are you the kind of person who's never satisfied? I am! and all I can say is that this quote is perfectly defining my personnality lol I do not stop something I have to do unless I feel proud about it ;).
Are you guys feeling this quote or is it a bit to psycho for you (because yes you are a psycho if you understand this quote ;) ).


mercredi 30 août 2017

It's a beautiful life after all!

We are not eternal but we choose the worst: destructing each others and killing innocents... I just can't understand why humans need to dominate insteed of ignoring those they can't stand. 
#prayforsyria #prayforafrica #praythatwedontfallintheiragendathing #prayagainstthenewworldorder #yesIbelieveinit #yesGODwillsucceed #yesyouneedtopray #yesIonlytrustGODnothumans

Life, oh life, ohhh lifeeeee

Yes please realize your chance to be alive and HEALTHY!!!

mardi 29 août 2017

lundi 21 août 2017