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dimanche 10 décembre 2017

Cold days!

Here are cold days coming!
One of my first winter look was this one here. I love this sweet and warm cardigan for winter. I'm a huge fan of nude/beige tones for clothes,  makeup and decoration ah ah! Almost for everything! Anyway, here is my outfit:

My Cardigan is from Zahrassecretcloset, here.
My top is from Loavies, here.
The chocker is from Happinness Boutique, here.
My jean is from Missguided,similar here.
My sneakers are from Adidas (Asos), here.

Hope you enjoy this outfit!

samedi 18 novembre 2017

Winter style!

It's winter time and I couldn't be happier! I finally can wear gloves, boots, warm knitwear, hats etc and of course during can eat as much as you want (like i do whatever the season is)!
So here is one of my first winter outfit :

Pullover from MissSelfridge, here.
Jean from MissSelfridge, here (from Asos).
Shoes from Asos, here.
Bag from Asos (here).
Chocker from Happiness boutique, here.

These shoes!!! <3


jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Black bag!

Hi there! 
This is the kind of all black outfit I love to wear and find very pretty and wearable for many occasions.
I've been in love with this embelished asos bag since a moment and all I had to do was buy it!!! I love how simple this outfit is looking and how accessories are finishing the style!

Here is my outfit: 
Chocker and necklace from Happiness boutique, here and here.
Top from Vila, similar here.
Velvet bag from Asos, here.
Leather legging from H&M,similar here.

What do you think about this look? Would you go for an ALL black style?

This beautiful velvet bag from Asos <3

those shoes! I think I'll wear them ALL the time this winter ah ah! <3

mercredi 15 novembre 2017

Smile like me!

Just a selfie to make you me :)

Yellow hello!

Here is my yellow/black look of the day and... my curly cut with my last balayage. I'm not crazy about the hair color and I still want to go lighter but it's ok I'll get something lighter very soon! Anyway I also went for a shorter haircut with more volume and gave up my lenght :( I do not think I'll do it again! I need long hair lol It's just something I can't deal without!

My outfit is from:
Shoes: from Stradivarius (old pair), similar here and here.
Jean: from a random shop in Belgium, similar here.
T-short from H&M, similar (here).
Cardigan from Asos (here).
Bag from Sheinside (here).

Big hair don't care !

lundi 6 novembre 2017

Eyes have it!

Why am I posing and looking at my camera like I'm going to ask : "Will you marry me?" lol 
I'm trying so hard with my eyes but I guess this is how I'm supposed to take a selfie since I'm a "fashion" blogger and a "beauty addict"... ah ah!
Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" ;) or..."Hello, it's me..." oh ok! I'm leaving now.

Aztec !

This Aztec jacket!

I have this jacket since a moment but I was only styling it with black outfits...until I decided that a destroyed jean would make it really stylish! What do you think?

Her is the complete look:

>My jacket is from : a random shop in Belgium, but you can find a similar one here and here.
>My top is from loavies: similar one here.
>My jean is from MissSelfridge similar here.
>My sneakers are from Adidas via Asos: similar here.

The cutest white top from Loavies:

These comfortable sneakers <3 !


mercredi 1 novembre 2017

All chic, all black !

It's never too late to wear jewellery so I thought that it was time for this huge happiness boutique to be worn! 
It's finally easy to wear but a bit too much for me... what do you think? 

Here is a closer look to the beautiful happiness boutique necklace (here).

And here is my comple outfit! Yes it's looking very "rock'n'roll" but I love biker styles and I think this one is a rock-chic style, no? 

The jacket is from Asos: similar here.
My shirt is from Gina tricot, similar here.
This jean is from MissSelfridge: similar, here.
My shoes are from Asoshere.
and my wallet is from Primark.

Yes! I made a soft makeup and I wanted to share it with you guys! <3

Let me know what you think about this look? Is it too much for a casual day or would you style yourself this way and go for it?

lundi 23 octobre 2017

Red lips...

When I do not want to wear like "woman" (at least i never feel like a woman)  I  go for a white t-shirt and a simple jean with a good pair of sneakers and I try to make a sophisticated makeup. I work a lot my eyelashes and eyebrows with soft colors and of course I bring the attention on my lips to make my whole style more "fashion" than it really is...ah ah!

The red lipstick is everything!

I went for:
-Shirt: from asos, here.
-Jeans from: Misslselfridge, similar here.
-Sneakers: from vans, similar here.

How do you style on your lazy days?
Do you prefer a clean/fashion look with few makeup or a basic/simple style with a sophisticated face makeup?

lundi 9 octobre 2017

Yeah Low!


Finally I bought these yellow shoes from Asos and I took this beautiful baseball t-shirt and a nice detroyed (but not too much) jean from Miss Selfridge. I'm not really sure if i should keep or not these shoes since it's a bit different from what I'm used to wear and it's seriously getting me out of my confort zone so I'll see if I should keep it or not. I'm feeling the top and this jean. About Ms Selfridge jean  I have to say that this is probably the first time I wear such a destroyed jean because I think destroyed jean can make you look "cheap" if it's too much detroyed lol or make your legs run out of the jean :D. 

-My top is from Asos, here.
-My jean is from Miss Selfridge, here.
-And shoes from Asos, here.

A little closer to show you those yellow shoes...The wrong thing about these shoes is the different shade of yellow on the shoes vs the heels. I know it's not a lot but I'm giving a importance to details lol Details can make a huge difference ;)

a little selfie...cheeeese :)

And I thought I could try my other Asos crush that I keep for sure: those black heels ! (here)

And yep I tried this beautiful chocker from Hapinness boutique to get a feminine/glamorous touch (here).

Let me know what you think about this style and what's your favorite look?
Yellow or Balck shoes?

Hair selfie!

This was my hairstyl before I decided to go cut my hair and get my roots done...Unfortunatly it's looking a bit "red" lol so I'm not crazy about my new haircolor and I really hate having too much colors in my hair :( So I guess I'll have to wait until December to get more highlights and no more ginger hair (even if I love ginger haircolors).

dimanche 3 septembre 2017

3 days!

Hi my lovely friends!
It's the last day of Aid today and I think I did not whish you (for my muslim readers) a Aidkoum mabrouk!! I hope that you spend this day with your family and friends, I wish you the best, peace and forgiveness. I have to admit that I did not wear any special outfit for Aid contrary to what I used to do when I was younger, with henna, makeup, beautiful dresses etc. So I do not really have an outfit to share...but I have a smile for you lol :(.  Anyway I also wanted to let you know that I'm working on something special these days and I'll be able to talk about it in few days or at least a week hihi! 


mercredi 30 août 2017

Red for once

I haven't posted in a while an ootd picture!
Here it is! The summer is very very very unpredictable these days and I just survived to the hottest days of the end of the summer I think! I went for a cute/comfy top from Loavies (I love this website as you might know now) ans a simple white jean from with my (grey shoes from honey these were just for the picture) white flats from Primark. I'm just human and I still can not keep my feets in heels all day long :(. Can you?

My outfit:
-Red Top from Loavis, here.
-Jean from, similar here.
-Shoes from Asos, similar here.
-Flats from Primark, similar here.

Let me know what you think about this outfit! ;)

lundi 28 août 2017

Day and night!

Hi, I hope you're doing well my loves!

When your outfit of the day could be worn for the night, I just can't help and make a selfie!
I like these kind of outfits that are giving me different styles if I wear a different pair of shoes or different accessories.

Here is the versatile style of the day:


From a very formal look to... my outfit of the day! yay!


Life is much more comfortable with a good pair of vans!

 And yes, once again I changed my hair (myself again)! It's still not THE haircut that I exactly want but it's really close and I'll highlight a bit more for my next visit to the hairdresser. I would love to get a big afrocurl with many highlights.
What do you guys think? (I know I was going for dreadlocks but I think I'll try it for winter).